Bark River Baldric by Great Lakes Leather

Bark River Baldric by Great Lakes Leather
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The Bark River Baldric by Great Lakes Leather works is an American made rig made of top quality leather throughout with heavy duty hardware to carry you big blades and choppers as well as a variety of other knives and tools. This baldric was made with versatility in mind. The wide range of adjustability allows for comfortable fit for folks of various sizes and shapes.

This flexibility further allows you to carry your accessories from chest to hip, left or right side. The hole spacing allows piggy-backing of other tools as well. Added features include a pliable leather shoulder pad to form to your individual body and help distribute the weight of your equipment. This leather baldric comes standard with a 3" wide frog giving you many accessory carry options. Another added feature is the addition of a belt retention strap. Just snap it around your belt to make your accessories always at your ready position giving you the look of a baldric with the convenience a of a sheath. This product is a must for the lover of big knives!