Bark River Bravo EDC Kydex Sheath

Bark River Bravo EDC Kydex Sheath
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This kydex sheath is a perfect companion for any Bark River Bravo EDC or Bravo EDC Hunter version. This fixed blade sheath is made in house at DLT Trading in a continuing line of kydex sheaths for the Bark River knives that we carry.

The Bark River Bravo EDC kydex sheath has been made with eyelet spacing to be compatible with a large or small Tek-Lok. 

It is important that you choose the correct EDC version. The blade steel between the A2, Elmax, and M4 model are different, so they are not cross compatible.

**Tek-lok and knife are used for illustration purposes only. They are not included with the sheath. Knives with Imapala horn, buffalo horn, and other natural handles may not fit properly without modifications to the sheath.