The Bark River City Knife is a classic Bob Loveless design EDC knife that simply begs to be carried. Sleek and smooth in the hand, it is incredibly easy to carry. Timeless in its appearance and design this knife exudes class, style and grace. The Bark River City knife makes a fantastic everyday carry knife that can be carried on your belt with the included sheath or in your pocket in the optional Dakata Buckhorn sheath (the same knife Mike Stewart of BRKT carries his Essential and City Knife in)!

Now made of premium S35VN super stainless steel the knife holds an edge exceptionally well with great corrosion/stain resistance that is a concern with everyday carry.  One of the best daily carry knives built by Bark River the City Knife is essentially a piece of men's jewelry it is that classy and exquisite.  To say your friends will be envious of this knife is a major understatement - they will be green with envy!  Proudly 100% made in the USA, covered by a lifetime warranty.  The numerous reviews we have received on the Bark River S35VN City Knife don't lie - this knife is a tried and true classic American icon.


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Bark River City Knife S35VN

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