Bark River Gunny Kydex Sheath

Bark River Gunny Kydex Sheath
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New Kydex sheath for the Bark River Bravo Gunny. It has been made to fit belt clips with 1" or 1.5" spacing at the top of the sheath, with hole spacing at .75" below the mounting area to allow for accessories like firesteel holders to be attached. This sheath is produced in house at DLT Trading.

The Bark River Bravo Gunny Kydex sheath fits the Gunny, Gunny Hunter (smooth and jimped), and Gunny Rampless models. It will not work with the Gunny Scandi or Gunny Scandi Clip Point models. 

NOTE: The late 2017 release of the Gunny Elmax has a thinner blade than previous models, which makes the knife no longer compatible with this sheath. 

**Tek-Lok and knife are not included with the sheath; they are for illustration purposes only.