The Bark River Mikro Canadian CPM 154 is the latest and greatest rendition of the venerable model from BRKT. The Bark River Mikro Canadian now utilizes Crucible's CPM 154 (a far superior steel to 154CM) for fantastic edge retention and very good toughness. Amazingly comfortable for a small knife, the MC is comfortable for a wide variety of hands and is incredibly handy. Taking up only a little more space than most folders you can have the toughness and durability of a fixed blade knife with only a minimal increase in size.  Measuring 5.125" overall with a 2.2" blade (1.775" cutting edge), the Mikro Canadian is a stout, tough little knife with a spine thickness of .125". Weighing a mere 1.5 ounces, you will barely notice you're carrying this incredible small EDC knife. Whether caping out a trophy whitetail or making quick work of box opening you'll love this amazing little blade from Bark River Knife and Tool. Years of reviews on this blade show the incredible versatility of this handy little tool. This small EDC knife includes a Bushcraft F leather carry sheath. For more versatile carry, please check out our Kydex carry options.


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Bark River Mikro Canadian CPM 154


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