Great Eastern Beer Scout

The Great Eastern #15 Beer Scout is one of the venerable slipjoint maker’s best sellers.  Unique and cool at the same time, this pattern is a must have for anyone who loves traditional folding knives.  Measuring 3.5” closed it is perfect to slip in your pocket and carry daily and large enough for tough cutting tasks that that come along.  After all your hard work use the crown lifter/bottle opener which is the second blade to open the beverage of your choosing. 

The sheepsfoot main blade is very functional and can be opened using the long pull nail notch or by pinch gripping the blade thanks to the EZ-Open notch on this little beauty.  1095 Carbon Steel means your Beer Scout will come razor sharp and take a scary edge.  A handy bail is attached to the knife but can be removed rather easily if preferred.  Brass liners complement the overall design.

Unique in many ways, when you buy a Great Eastern Beer Scout you aren’t just making a purchase, you are joining a club. You will be an official member of the Beer Scout Knife Club and will receive an official pin with your purchase.  Proudly made in Titusville, PA the Beer Scout is a surefire winner and has sold out rapidly on past runs.  Choose from a variety of handle materials to make your Great Eastern Beer Scout yours!

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