Hammer's Picks

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 - Insingo - Micarta Inlay - The Sebenza 21 would be a top pick for me due to the simplicity, ease of care, and performance. The Sebenza design is simple and straightforward. One aspect that makes it amazing is how simple it is to take it apart, clean and put the knife back together without complex steps. Additionally, the Insingo blade is easy to sharpen and great for utilitarian tasks that arise in a modern environment. I love the simple titanium handles but my preference leans towards the titanium handles with the premium inlay material because it increases the overall thickness of the handle giving you a nice full grip.

Swiss Army Knife Cadet Alox - Everything a person needs to tackle their day at a low cost. The Alox scales give a premium feeling without costing you your whole paycheck.

Swiss Army Tinker - Memphis Belle - I grew up watching the movie Memphis Belle, so this one is a must have for me. The Tinker design has a streamlined profile but is packed with tools. The Swiss Army Tinker isn’t going to be the perfect tool for fixing the car, but it’ll get me through the day -- no problem!

Fallkniven F1 - If someone asks me to think of a screw driver, I think of a Craftsman Phillips head screwdriver. If someone asks me to think of a car, my mind jumps to a Ford Mustang. For a fixed blade? One of the first ones I think of is a Fallkniven F1. It’s a knife that evokes the feeling of a tool. An object meant to cut, split, slice, chop, and whittle. Some knives feel like art or a weapon, but the Fallkniven F1 just feels like a knife and that’s something I love.

Medford Micro Praetorian - My go to preference for folding knives is sub 3.5” because of their overall minor pocket presence and usually beefy folders are going to be larger in size, so the Micro Praetorian from Medford fulfills my need for a beefy knife without feeling like I have a brick in my pocket. - Shop all Medford Micro Praetorians

Bark River Fox River LT Elmax - I love this design for the slicing ability, comfortable ergonomics and size. This profile is great for camping tasks such as food prep, fire kindling, carving, and processing game. The LT Elmax version offers supreme slicing ability at a slight sacrifice of toughness, but the exchange is well worth it in my opinion. With a plethora of handle options available, you can pick a combination that is just right for you and have a knife that your children will be proud to own. - Shop all Fox River LT Elmax

Chris Reeve Mnandi - The Mnandi is pure class from Chris Reeve and packed with performance. The design is timeless and at home everywhere from white glove dinners to the hunting cabin hangout. If you want to have a knife in your office environment, the Mnandi is the perfect design for you. - Shop all Chris Reeve Mnandis

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