Light My Fire Grandpas Firefork - Assorted Colors

Light My Fire Grandpas Firefork - Assorted Colors
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Grandpas Firefork 2 pack is a must have for campers, hikers, and those who love the great outdoors. Drawing upon the genius of its designer, Grandpa's Fire Fork is lightweight, easy to pack/carry and works so well you'll wonder how you cooked on an open fire without it!

The Fire Fork works amazingly well on hot dogs, marshmallows, and a variety of foods. So easy to take along even backpackers and hikers will enjoy using them. Further, it works on sticks of varying sizes without modification enhancing its ease of use. Simply squeeze the tines together which increases the size of the opening allowing your stick to easily glide in. Release the tines and Grandpas Firefork locks on and is ready to use.

Just downright fun to use yet incredibly functional the Fire Fork is a unique, useful addition to your camping gear. Made of high grade stainless steel it is built to last. Colors will vary