The Lon Humphrey Muley is a perfectly sized knife for EDC, day hikes or even field dressing game. With a size that is a breeze to carry you will never be without your favorite blade. Hand forged by the man himself, the Lon Humphrey Muley has a look that harkens back to a simpler time when things were built to last generations and be handed down to loved ones. This heirloom quality knife is just that kind of tool. Overbuilt and classically crafted the Muley transcends time and will win your heart.

Differential heat treating and forging makes this blade perform way beyond your expectations. We are always amazed what Lon get’s out of his 1095 carbon steel for performance. Everyone knows 1095 takes a wicked edge but Humphrey’s knives also hold an edge incredibly well. The geometry on the Muley make it a cutting machine that is stout enough for heavy tasks. Whether you choose a micarta or a traditional handle material like dark curly maple you simply cannot go wrong with the Lon Humphrey Muley!

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