Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Tan G-10 - Black 20CV Blade

DLT Trading and Spyderco have teamed up to offer our customers a new variation of our Tan Paramilitary 2. We have opted for a black coated blade and hardware, that really makes this knife stand out. These will be released on May 29th at 11:00am Central time. At the time of release the product page will be the first product on our newest arrivals page, as well as being first on our Spyderco page.

These will sell at $149.50, and have a set a limit of 2 knives per household to be as fair as we can.

NOTE: We have already received a lot of calls about pre-buying. We will not have these up for pre-order or via phone sale before the release. These must be purchased on the day of the release. - Thanks

Ordering Notes & Tips:

  • Adding a product to your cart will not save it for you. Your purchase must to paid to be completed.
  • Using a credit card will process faster than Paypal. Drops like this can sell quickly, so keep in mind that Paypal will always process slower since you are directed to the Paypal website to login, then get kicked back to us for the order to be completed.
  • We will accept phone in orders, but it takes a significantly longer time to process phone orders than it does for you to purchase it online. Calling in is not a guarantee that you will get the knife that you want.
  • Creating an account is an easy way for you to have your name, email, and shipping/billing address saved so that you don't have to rush to type it in on a drop. Just make sure you are logged in before the drop so that you don't have to retype your password.