Delta Leather True-Lock Mini Shield Sheath - Hermann Oak

Item: DELTA-113
Delta Leather True-Lock Mini Shield Sheath - Hermann Oak
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Delta Leather Tru-Lock sheath is made with an integrated UltiClip for secure fastening. It will clip inside of your pocket or pack so that it doesn't go anywhere.

The sheath has overall dimensions of 6" x 2.25", with an internal depth of approximately 5.875" with an opening width of 1.375".  We've tested this sheath and have noted the fitment below. This sheath will likely fit many other knives, but we have not tested them all.

Fits nicely

  • Ultra Lite Bushcrafter
  • Adventurer
  • Mini Aurora
  • Bravo Sentry
  • Bravo EDC
  • Classic Utility Caper
  • Fox River Featherweight
  • JX6 Companion
  • North Country EDC
  • Fingerling
  • Bravo Necker II
  • Essential (carries deeply)
  • Moutaineer II
  • Mini Kephart
  • Ringtail (carries deeply)
  • Donnybrook
  • True Saber N2
  • Bird & Trout

Fits Shallow

  • Kitsune
  • JX4 Bushbat
  • Mini Tundra
  • Adventurer II

Not Recommended

  • Bravo Necker
  • Pro Scalpel II
  • Rascal
  • Rascal II
  • Little Creek
  • Mini Canadian
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  2. Country of Origin: USA
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