Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve Knives


In 1984 Chris Reeve started his journey into knife making. During the start of Chris Reeve knives, he focused on fixed blade knives. In the early years the knives were produced in South Africa, and exported to the United States as demand grew. This allowed Chris to upgrade his garage where he was producing his knives.

The market for the Chris Reeve Knives brand grew in the late 80’s; expanding to Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong. With the rise in demand, and logistical issues, Chris moved to Boise, Idaho in 1989 where the shop still resides today.

In 1991 Chris Reeve produced his first folding knife; the Sebenza. The design has had several iterations throughout the years, but the top notch quality and feel of the knife remains the same. By using the best quality materials, extremely tight tolerances, and great customer service; Chris Reeves Knives has set the standard for high quality production knives.

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