Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance Tactical Knives were created to serve military, law enforcement and professional customers who sought the toughest, rock-solid built folders and fixed blades on the planet. This offshoot of Kershaw/KAI has been nothing short of a phenomenon. In addition to a cult like following from law enforcement and military users, civilians have found Zero Tolerance tactical knives to exceed almost any expectations and many models now cannot be built fast enough for the demand.

A waiting list for production ZT knives? Pre-order and wait six months or more for some models? Are ZT knives really that good? The simple, truthful answer is YES! Built from the best materials in existence including CNC milled G-10 handle scales, rock solid titanium mono locks, ultra premium blade steels such as S30V, S35VN & Elmax, Zero Tolerance Knives are worth every penny. Zero Tolerance simply out-performs almost any production knife made and are built like a tank.

If your life depends on your gear or if you simply prefer to buy only the best quality knives that are designed to last, a Zero Tolerance blade needs to be in your future.

American made of only the highest quality components, you could easily pay twice as much and still not have the quality of a Zero Tolerance. Simply put ZT knives are built to perform and last. You can buy quality and pay a little more with a Zero Tolerance or you can buy a cheap imitation and buy again and again and never be happy with the product.

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