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Medford Knife & Tool based out of Phoenix, AZ is run by husband and wife team, Greg and Amy Medford. They are well known for building heavy duty, beefed up, ready-to-work fixed blade and folding knives, along with knife tools. 

The mainstay steel used on Medford knives is D2. Greg and team favor it for its edge retention, ability to take a keen edge, and tried and true history in cutting applications. Upgrade options from D2 include S35VN stainless steel and CPM 3V tool steel. No matter what steel you choose, Medford knives are hand ground and sharpened to a hair popping razor edge. Although this should be a standard practice on all knives, many manufacturers miss this critical property. Not Medford. Medford Knife & Tool makes sure every facet of your blade is perfect or it doesn’t leave the factory.  

Did we mention Medford knives are some of the coolest looking, most forward-thinking knives on the planet? Greg took the world by storm when he started Medford Knife & Tool and the designs just keep pushing the envelope of style, toughness and jaw dropping good looks. 

The most iconic and recognizable design in the Medford Knife & Tool lineup is the Praetorian. The Praetorian is currently available in three different sizes; the Praetorian, Praetorian Genesis, and Micro Praetorian. No matter what size you choose, they are titanium front and back with a frame lock design. Titanium offers a relatively lightweight material, with a wide range of different finishes such as flame treating, anodizing, tumbling, or DLC coating.

Outside of the Praetorian lineup, Medford produces a wide range of knives from fixed blades to flippers. Each design is well thought out, comfortable in hand, and made to be used. No matter which Medford knife you choose, the attention to detail, design, and fit & finish exceed the price tag of each knife. If you’re looking for a fixed blade or folder that is built like a tank and will perform without failure when you need it most, we invite you to check out the Medford knives sold by us.


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