Large Sebenza 31

The Sebenza 21 has been a classic with consistent goals, Chris Reeve wanted to create the best possible working pocket knife that would last a lifetime. Built from tested, functional, and premium materials, the Sebenza 21 is light and built to some of the tightest tolerances in any industry. Chris Reeve has continued that with the new Sebenza 31, like its predecessors it has the well known “Bank Vault” lockup, precision build with aerospace tolerances, and refinement that makes it the benchmark across the cutlery industry. 

The key differences you will find between the legendary Sebenza 21 and the new Sebenza 31 are; no locating hole in the handle, an updated Reeve integral lock with the ceramic ball interface, an offset clip design for improved ergonomics, even tighter tolerances due to updated machining processes, and redesigned inlays that are much wider to allow the inlay materials to really shine. The Sebenza 31 has kept the clean lines and refined ergonomics of the Sebenza 21, while updating parts under the hood to give you a knife to last for a lifetime.


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