XM-18 3.5"

The most famous of Rick’s designs is the Hinderer 3.5” XM-18. The XM-18 is legendary and an absolute must-have in the high quality, titanium frame lock market. Over the years, the blade has been available in a wide variety of standard options: spear, tanto, skinner, and bowie as well as some profiles unique to Rick Hinderer knives like the spanto and slicer. Blade steels have varied from S35VN, 20CV, Bohler M390, and a rare occurrence of CPM 3V.

The standard for the entire line is a 6AL4V titanium frame lock, with a G-10 scale and titanium liner on the show side. From this standard platform, nearly all parts on the knife can be swapped or upgraded; from the scale, liner, screws, pivot, nuts, clip, filler tab, and even the lockbar stabilizer. Now the Gen 6 3.5" XM-18 includes a new pivot system, called the Tri-Way Pivot, which utilizes bearings, teflon washers, or phosphor bronze washers. One of the newer updates also includes the addition of a steel lockbar insert that was first introduced in the Gen 5 XM-18.

Since the Rick Hinderer 3.5” XM-18 is the most popular, it has the widest range of accessories and add ons making it ultra-customizable and just downright cool to own. The options to customize are almost unlimited. If you are looking for the best selection of Rick Hinderer XM-18s as well as access to the largest selection of accessories on the planet, take a minute to sign up for our email notification below.


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