Rustic Bravo

The Lon Humphrey Rustic Bravo took the DNA from Bark River Knives’ all-time runaway best seller and matched it with the unique style that has made Lon Humphrey’s Brute de Forge knives so incredibly popular. This cross-fertilization has resulted in a knife that just exudes raw rugged good looks and toughness that will reach out and hit you it is so bold. Built with steel, fire and sweat by Lon in his shop in Ohio each end ever one is unique and no two are alike. These are not mass produced, big box knives that are a dime a dozen. When you buy a Rustic Bravo you are buying an heirloom quality piece of American goodness. In a world built on cheaply made disposable products what Lon does is the polar opposite. Take a good hard look at these knives and you will agree – there is nothing else like them in the marketplace.

Few things today are built by craftsmen who actually use the tools they build and know how to get the most out of them. Lon is one of those rare men. He crafts knives that not only look very unique but they perform like you wouldn’t believe. His differential heat treat and hammer forging yield a knife that while fairly easy to resharpen will hold an edge longer than you would expect. This balance of ease of sharpening with edge retention is the reason most Lon Humphrey Custom Knife buyers buy their second, third and fourth knives. The unique looks will bring you to the brand and the performance will keep you coming back.

The Rustic Bravo has a contoured handle for comfort in a variety of grips and a durable full tang construction. This beast measures 9.25” overall with a 4.25” blade that is .175” thick flat ground to a razor’s edge. Whether hunting, bushcrafting, camping or knife collecting is your thing the Lon Humphrey Rustic Bravo is a must have. 

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