The Bark River Fox River Elmax utilizes arguably the best stainless steel on the market to create a near perfect field/hunting knife knife for all environs - wet, dry, hot, cold it doesn't matter to this knife. But the steel is just the beginning...

Elmax stainless steel is a super clean, super refined steel made by Bohler Uddeholm that finishes fine and clean and can be hardened to 60-62HRC (as BRKT did with this knife) yet retain sufficient lateral strength to hold up to the rigors that stainless steel fixed blades are put through. And talk about edge holding...WOW - this stuff is amazing. It cuts and cuts and cuts some more.

But enough about the amazing steel on this knife. The Fox River may just be the perfect classic hunting/field knife. Clean lines accentuate the comfortable ergonomic handle. Back when the first generations of Fox River came out we were always wanting a comfortable handle that was larger and had a palm swell. For the last several production runs of the BRKT FR the larger comfort grip handles have been used making this knife a sure fire, first ballot hall of famer!

In addition to the stainless feature of this knife, the steel has been thinned from .170 to .150 allowing this knife to slice and cut like a laser! It is ridiculously sharp with a full height, convex ground blade. In a word it is SHARP! Measures 8.25" overall with a 4.25" blade and a weight of approximately 5 ounces. Comes with a deluxe leather belt carry sheath (with firesteel loop) and is proudly made in the USA.


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Bark River Fox River LT Elmax

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