Bark River Mini Canadian 20CV

The Bark River Mini Canadian CPM 20CV is without a doubt one of the best “small” fixed blade knives you will find.  We put “small” in quotes because this knife acts as tough as many knives much larger than its size.  Stout at .125” this knife cuts like an absolute laser.  The CPM 20CV is well known for its incredible edge retention (the same steel as the legendary M390 made popular by makers such as Benchmade) but what is equally amazing is how incredibly sharp this steel gets.  It becomes wicked sharp and takes an extremely refined edge.   This knife is as close to a scalpel as you will find!  With a very low production number these knives will be sure to move fast.  Measures 6” overall with a 2.75” blade (measured all the way to the handle) with a 2.2” cutting edge.  Weighs 2.675 ounces approximately and includes a leather bushcraft sheath.

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