Blackjack Mamba II

The Blackjack Mamba II is nothing short of a must-have knife for the serious Blackjack or Bark River knife collector. This iconic knife harkens back to the custom versions first built by Mike Stewart in 1978. Further customs were built by Mike with Jody Samson. Ultimately, the Mamba was factory produced in 1987 at Blackjack Knives of Effingham, Illinois. This super sexy knife has a style that has a paramilitary flavor with flowing, stylish lines.  Much like that beautiful vixen in the movies, this knife is gorgeous but when needed can be a formidable force to be reckoned with.


This historic knife really was the knife that put Mike Stewart on the map and still to this day is one of his favorite and most hallowed designs. The style is reminiscent of a Greek Kopis with a recurve knife design for slicing and cutting and a weight forward design for chopping. Measuring 15.5” overall with a 9.25” blade that is a full .250” thick the Blackjack Mamba II is made of A2 tool steel at 58-60 HRc and is fully convexed. The Mamba comes with a heavy duty leather sheath compatible with Molle attachment and will fit up to a 2” belt. 100% USA made!

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