Entrek Knives

Why are Entrek Knives so special you might ask? It all starts with their founder and knifemaking legend, Ray Ennis. Ray is an honest, hardworking blue collar American with an attention to detail and commitment to his craft & customers rarely seen today. Ray painstakingly builds each Entrek knife by hand and does it prices so reasonable you will get a custom knife at a factory built price. All this quality is backed up with the Ennis family's unbeatable customer service.

Combat/Battle ready each Entrek knife is tough and durable built on remarkably thick stock and handled with premium micarta. (They only buy from one micarta dealer to make sure it is exactly the same and of exceptional quality.) These tactical knives then get what many consider the best heat treatment in the business. It is said that Ray gets more performance out of 440C than any maker anywhere.

Not only tough, Entrek knives have great edge retention to keep their razor sharp edge for a long time. How is this done> It happens with best-in-class heat treat, great edge geometry, and a sub-zero stabilization (quenching) process which is actually more costly than the heat treat.

When we decided to take on the line of Entrek knives, we were amazed at how many peers (custom knife makers) sang their praises. Look at the reviews - you will not find a bad review. These knives are truly underrated and deserve a serious look for anyone seeking a high quality American made blade.

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