Great Eastern #92

The Great Eastern #92 pattern is a real favorite of all of us at DLT Trading. The #92 Talon was the first SFO done with GEC. The #92 comes in single and two blade patterns and is truly a classic slipjoint that has incredible lines and is perfectly sized to put in your pocket every day. Whether you choose the Talon with a super sexy Wharncliffe blade or a traditional Spearpoint found in the Eureka you will love this knife.

Measuring 3.625” closed with a main blade length of roughly 3” the #92 Great Eastern handles daily chores and tougher tasks with style and grace. Mirror polished 1095 steel blades make this knife really pop in the Northfield and Tidioute brands. Proudly 100% made in the USA by the fine craftsmen at GEC.

Great Eastern Cutlery knives are hand produced in Titusville, Pennsylvania by craftsmen and women in limited quantity batches, typically once a year. Once these patterns sell out there is an indeterminate period before Great Eastern Cutlery produces the pattern again. DLT Trading strives to keep our customers informed, as such we recommend signing up for our Product Alerts below and as new profiles come in we will announce their arrival to you.


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