Wetterlings Splitting Hatchet

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Wetterlings Splitting Hatchet
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This axe is used to split smaller chunks of wood, and for the extra chopping needed when you are stuck with too big chunks to fill your stove. Even though mostly used outdoors, you can use this Hatchet by the fireplace, to make the splint wood. Indoor the Splitting Hatchet has its competitors in the Buddy and the Wilderness Hatchet. The shape of the head, with a back especially designed to split, the weight and the relatively long handle of course makes this Hatchet more suitable for splitting than the above-mentioned products.

The Splitting Hatchet is delivered with a hickory handle and a leather sheath.

  • Total Weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Overall Length: 17.3”
  • Face: 2.3”