Afterpay Payments




Is there a Fee?
There are no finance charges or interest associated with the Afterpay payment terms. However, if an Installment Payment is not paid on or prior to the due date specified in the Payment Schedule and remains unpaid for a period of ten (10) days after the due date, the Late Fee will be imposed, up to a maximum of $8.00 and which in no event will exceed the maximum late fee permitted by applicable state law.

How does the refund work?
We will refund your purchase price less a 5% fee. If a refund is made before all of your payments are made, scheduled payments will be cancelled, and the 5% fee will be deducted from what you have already paid.

Can I use different cards for different payments?
There are two basic ways to pay with cards:

The most convenient is our automatic payments system. Just go on the Afterpay App or online and enter the details of your preferred payment card under "Add a payment method" in the "Billings" section of "My Account"

When you have an installment due, Afterpay will notify you beforehand so that way you can make sure that there is enough in your account for that installment.

Alternatively, you can always make payments on time or early by selecting the PAY NOW button on the Afterpay App or online in your account. You can then enter your card details manually. If you want to make this your preferred payment method, select "Store my card", otherwise make sure to untick this option before logging out.

Can I change my payment date?
You can make early payments within your Afterpay account, but you can not push your payment to a later day.

Can I add an item to my order?
No, you will need to place a new order.

Do I have to pay interest?
There are no interest payments when using Afterpay.

What if I cancel?
A cancelled order will be treated the same as a refund. A 5% fee will be deducted from the refund. Afterpay does not refund our processing fee, so it is passed on to you in the case of a cancellation or return.

Do they do a credit check?
There are no credit checks involved with the application process of Afterpay.

What is the minimum to use Afterpay?
There is a $125 minimum in order to use Afterpay. The minimum is based on the cart total, including shipping cost.

What is the maximum amount that I can order with Afterpay?
There is a maximum of $2,000 per order.

What countries is Afterpay available?
We are currently accepting Afterpay for customers within the US.

Why was I not approved to use Afterpay?
 - Existing Afterpay agreement not yet paid off
 - Card decline when setting up the first payment
 - Late payments on previous Afterpay orders
 - Other reasons determined by Afterpay