Ambush Pro Series Double Sided Paddle Strop

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Ambush Pro Series Double Sided Paddle Strop

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For those of you who must have only the best things in life (and you know who you are!) we proudly offer the Ambush Pro Series 2 Sided Strop.  We designed and built this strop with the customer who wants the absolute sharpest knife they can possibly have in mind. We designed and built this strop to be the best looking strop/hone on the market built from the best materials on the planet.  We spared no cost in the production of this strop. 

We started with select northern grown hardwood and painstakingly shaped, routered and sanded this hardwood.  We then applied 3 coats of polyurethane to enhance the beauty of the wood in the strop as well as provide protection. Next, a 3” x 12” piece of the highest quality horse butt leather was applied to each side.  One side was finished to a micro-suede and the other was further finished to give a velvety smooth surface for the finest of compounds including CBN and diamond emulsions.  We chose horse butt leather because of its very tight grain structure and minimal fat allow it to have the lowest draw (resistance on the terminal edge of your knife) of any of the leathers we could find for this strop.  Horse butt is a tremendous sharpening medium really without peer.  Folks in the early 1900s used it almost exclusively and these were folks who built houses from hand tools and shaved with straight razors everyday – they had to know how to get stuff crazy sharp.  

The cost on our strops is very reasonable when you consider one of the large chef knife suppliers charges over $50 just for two pieces of leather!  And these pieces are not finished or mounted to deluxe wood like ours. Measures 17” overall with two 3” x 12” pieces of premium horse butt leather applied.  Includes a leather lanyard allowing the strop/hone to easily be hung in the shop.  

For the best deal, add compounds with your strop, you save $7 per bottle of 2oz CBN when purchasing it with this strop.  We HIGHLY recommend the Bark River CBN for the fastest, sharpest edge you will ever put on a knife! 


Leather is a natural product and as such can have small imperfections in the hide or areas that are slightly thinner. This is not a defect and is completely normal with leather.

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