Bark River Aurora LT Elmax

The Bark River Aurora LT Elmax is the super stainless steel version of BRKT’s incredibly popular full-sized bushcraft/field knife. Thinner stock on this knife (.156” thick) makes this knife slice like a laser and perform like no other Aurora has. This knife will cut and bite at a very low angle making it superb for feather sticks, slicing and detailed work. Make no mistake though, this knife is built to work and handle tough tasks like batoning just like any other Bark River Bushcraft knife.


Measuring 9.5” overall with a 4.56” blade this knife has a large, ample handle that locks in hands of all sizes and is especially favored by those with larger sized hands.  A fully contoured handle allows you to get a sure, comfortable grip on the knife in a variety of grips.  Convex ground to a razor’s edge your Aurora will come super sharp and ready to perform. Elmax super stainless means the LT SS version will hold an edge incredibly long and resist stains, corrosion and rust like any stainless steel. Hardened to 60-61 Rockwell the knife balances toughness with incredible edge retention for the best of both worlds in a true stainless steel. Comes with a leather “Bushcraft A” sheath and is proudly made in the USA.  


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