Bark River Bravo 1

The Bark River Bravo 1 is by far and away the all-time best selling knife for BRKT. The reasons why are many but to truly understand you need to carry one! Designed specifically for Force Recon, Bravo 1 knives have a near cult following by civilians as well. 

The magnificence of this knives design shines through as soon as you put it in your hand. As beefy and stout as it is you will be amazed how remarkably well balanced and nimble it is. Painstakingly hand crafted one at a time by American craftsmen, the Bravo 1 is built like a tank yet handles like a Ferrari. 

The brave men that protect us and keep us safe at night routinely carry a Bark River Bravo 1 knowing that their life may well depend on this great blade. Thankfully, most of us will not need a Bravo 1 for such a serious reason. 

This rock solid beast makes a great field knife and works exceedingly well around the campsite, in the bush or even for bushcrafting. Like all Bark River knives it is covered by a lifetime warranty that is as good as any in the business and can be sent in for factory sharpening as long as you own it.

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