Bark River Bravo 1 3V LT

The Bark River Bravo 1 3V LT is a slimmed down version of BRKT's all-time best selling juggernaut. The toughness of 3V super steel allows for incredible lateral strength is a slimmer profile making this blade slice like a laser! If you want a Bravo that cuts and slices like nobody's business, check out the LT! Look at the reviews - this knife is a winner. 

Measuring about 9" overall with a 4.25" blade that is .156 thick this knife is big enough for tough jobs yet nimble enough to slice and dice all that comes its way. The Bravo's legendary contoured handle with palm swells provides for an incredible grip and an integral self guard provides safety. Durable full tang construction means this knife is a tank in the field of battle or in the great outdoors. Don't delay, the LT is a must have knife, so buy Bark River knives today! Check out the hunter version designed by DLT's own Jason Thoune for an incredible hunting version of this knife.

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