The Bark River Bravo III is the biggest, baddest, behemoth of a chopping, cutting and destroying machine that BRKT has ever built. You need to hold it understand the scale of this all-out, in-your-face knife built for the guy who wants to be able to clear brush and saplings around a campsite then fend off a grizzly bear if he needs to. Surprisingly, the knife is well balanced with only a modest weight-forward design making it a perfect chopping knife. 

Sometimes due to excellence in design and sometimes just by sheer luck a knife design absolutely excels. The Bark River Bravo 3 knife is one of those that hits the sweet spot. We received one of the factory prototypes to review and we can tell you we were blown away and think you will be too. The Bark River Bravo 3 is not just a "big knife". Its a big knife that performs and exhibits excellence in design and is a must have from the Bravo series of knives from Bark River. Whether for camp/field use, military/tactical, or just because they are so cool to own you will want one for yourself. Bark River Bravo 3 knives are made in the USA & includes a leather carry sheath (also made in the USA.)! Measures 16.9" overall with an 11.6" blade made of premium CPM 3V at 58-59 HRC. Massive .275" thick blade is convex ground for incredible toughness and edge retention. 25 ounce overall average weight.


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Bark River Bravo III

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