Bark River Bravo Pig Sticker

The Bark River Bravo Pig Sticker was designed to dispatch medium to larger game such as wild boars and feral hogs.  Built rock solid from full .250” thick 154CM stainless steel, this knife can take a ton of abuse and dish out a heaping helping of offensive attack. Formidable and fierce, this fixed blade knife is built for the serious knife collector, hunter or those looking for a great personal defense tool.

Balancing about an inch in front of the handle, the Bravo Pig Sticker has a slight weight forward design to help it go right where you aim it.  A slight swedge on the top of the spine aids in game penetration all while maintaining enough “meat” on the blade to be extremely durable.  A revolutionary fuller adds to the looks and uniqueness all while helping achieve the proper balance point.  Produced in very limited quantities, this knife will be a hard to find knife down the road making it a great investment choice.  And by the way…did we mention this knife is super cool?

Bark River Knives are proudly made in the USA! This fixed blade knife includes a leather belt carry sheath.

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