Bark River Bravo Survivor

The Bark River Bravo Survivor is a beast! There is no other way to put it. At a whopping .265" thick and a blade height of 1.75" (both thickness and height are the same as the legendary Bravo III) this knife will chop incredibly well for it size due to the weight forward nature of its design. 

Like it's namesake, the Bark River Survivor has a thumb ramp for choking up as well as striking a firesteel. As with all of the Bravo lineup we will have the knife made rampless by Bark River at no cost to you. (Contact us for details.) Need the lanyard extension removed? Same thing, we pay the shipping to Bark River and have it done for you FREE. It is all part of the DLT Difference. 

Because of the relative compactness (7.125" blade length) of this knife and the well placed finger choil, this knife is adept at slicing, cutting and even detail work with its excellent geometry and relatively fine point. Bordering on indestructible with its massive thickness and convex ground A2 tool steel, you would be hard pressed to find something this knife couldn't do. You find the knife related task, the Bravo Survivor will complete it. Survivor Knives are proudly made in the USA, covered by a full lifetime warranty.

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