Bark River Bush Seax

The Bark River Bush Seax is a traditional, historic knife steeped in tradition and grounded in function:  this knife is built to work.  With a shape that cuts, slices and takes care of almost any task you can think of you’d be hard pressed to find a handier knife shape.  With a design dating back hundreds of years to the time of the Vikings you can see why this design has stood the test of time.  The BRKT interpretation of this knife is smaller than the Germanic and Saxon Scramasax. 


The Bark River Bush Seax (also spelled Saex) measures 10.125” overall with a 4.75” blade (4.6” cutting edge).  A-2 Tool steel at .187” (58-60 Rockwell hardness) ensures good edge retention and easy resharpening.  The blade shape makes fast work of slicing and draw cuts as well as notching, scraping and other Bushcraft tasks.  The point while very durable is fine enough to allow for precise cuts and small tasks.  The Bush Seax makes an excellent field/camp knife and clearly will excel in the kitchen as well.  Whether buying this knife because of its historic significance or just because it makes a tremendous work knife, you won’t regret your purchase.  Proudly built in the USA, includes a leather carry sheath with firesteel loop.


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