Bark River Classic Drop Point Hunter 3V

The Bark River Drop Point Hunter 3V takes a classic, timeless design by Bob Loveless and implements arguably one of the best steels on the market to create what could be the perfect hunting knife for deer sized game.  Classic lines and impeccable design, tells you it is a Loveless knife.  Rock solid construction, a full-tang and a razor sharp convex grind tells you that Bark River Knife made this All-American classic.  Now made in CPM 3V super steel this knife now has very good corrosion resistance (compared to other carbon steels), great edge retention and incredible lateral strength/toughness.  This knife break down game, skin/process deer and work incredibly well around the camp/home.


Sized perfectly for hunting, the Drop Point Hunter works very well for other field chores or for heavy duty tasks around the home.  Try the BRKT DPH in CPM 3V super steel and you will agree that it might just be the best balanced, most ergonomically designed hunting knife ever made.  Add in a robust leather sheath also made right here in the USA and you have a package that not only looks great but is built to last for years.  Measures 8.45” overall with a 3.775” drop point blade that Rockwells at 59-60 with a .156” thick blade.  Approximate weight is 4.875 ounces. 

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