Bark River Crash Axe

The New Bark River Crash Ax is actually a dual purpose ax. Axes of this type are usually solely used by Law Enforcement and Military as an entry tool; we wanted to make one that would also be very good a field and sporting chores. The unique grind is a combination of both convex and concave grinds the ax is hand convex ground to sharp and then a very slight Hollow (Concave) Grind is added behind the edge to help throw chips in wood work. The outer perimeter of the ax head is hand beveled to prevent sticking in wood if the ax is sunk deeper than its height. The spike is hand ground to a chisel point for deep penetration. The balance of the ax is designed for it to be very accurate with a slightly blade forward hang This test run is very small and we will gauge the response to determine if there will be enough demand for a production run.

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