Bark River Customized Knives


Are you in the market for Bark River customized knives that have a look that's just your own? Do you need a Bravo 1 to be made rampless or possibly the lanyard extension taken off a knife?  How about laser engraving with a slogan, your name, or even a logo?  Then look no further than DLT Trading.  We have you covered - and the best news is that in almost all instances there is no cost to you!

How does it work you ask?

Just find a knife on our site that you like, purchase it and let us know what you would like to have done.   We will ship the knife to Bark River for customization and ship it out to you upon completion.  It is that simple and it only takes 14 - 21 days in most cases.

Some examples of custom work are:

  • Remove a ramp from any of the Bravo or Gunny series knife
  • Remove a lanyard extension
  • Add a swedge grind
  • Change the point to a drop point, spear point, or other point
  • Add a full-height grind
  • Turn a Fox River into an Imp

Customizations that cannot be done to a knife:

  • Add jimping to the spine
  • Add liners
  • Change liner color
  • Add mosaic pins
  • Change the handle material
  • Change the steel type

We also offer in-house laser engraving on all Bark River knives where you can customize your own knife to make it yours and yours only.  Not only does this engraving look ultra cool it also has the added benefit of deterring theft when personalized.  In most instances we can utilize logos and other graphics as well subject to the submittal of high quality art work that you have the consent to use.

Finally, you may elect to add EEP to your knife’s sheath.  EEP – Extreme Environmental Protection – was a process developed by Sharpshooter Sheath to make your sheath waterproof and impervious to most all environmental conditions.  Not only does EEP make the sheath impervious to water and moisture it also darkens the sheath making it richer in appearance as well as softer and more supple.  The days of worrying about your sheath drying and getting rigid out are gone with EEP.  For a small amount of money you can protect your sheath investment and make it impervious to all that Mother Nature can throw its way! 

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