Bark River Featherweight Hunter Elmax

The New Featherweight Hunter is a very compact version of the Classic Drop Point Hunter that has been a staple in our Deluxe Game Series for years. This extremely popular style was originally designed by the late Bob Loveless. This became the standard by which all drop point knives have been judged, since the early 1980s.

Our new Featherweight is the perfect reduction in size to make it the most easy to pack and carry version of the Loveless design. The Featherweight is the perfect name for this model. It truly is like a feather in the hand. The combination of it's thin blade and the Elmax Super Steel makes it cut like a razor, while being large enough to get a good secure grip. Which is great for field dressing small and medium game, and will handily accomplish most light camp chores and food prep in the field. The Featherweight Hunter will make short work of hair, hide, gristle, and should field dress a deer sized animal like a scalpel.


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