Bark River Fieldsman

The all-new Bark River Fieldsman is 10% larger than previous production runs for enhanced comfort and overall usability.  A teardrop fuller has been added for no other reason than making this knife one of the best looking blades BRKT produces.  Don’t let the hidden tang design fool you – this knife is built rock solid and covered by a lifetime warranty.  The tang on this knife extends 3/4rs of the length of the handle and is pinned on making it plenty strong for whatever task you send its way.


Measuring 7.5” overall (7.25" on the coffin handle version) with a 3.45” blade, this knife is perfectly sized for field dressing whitetails.  Hunting isn’t your thing?  Don’t fret – the Bark River Fieldsman will make quick work of camp chores, kitchen prep and is absolutely perfect for day hikes.  Buy the Fieldsman for its looks and fall in love with it once you get to use it.  This knife is an American made, built like a tank, razor edged beauty that will soon find a place in your heart.  If you are looking for a knife that exudes classic American hunting/outdoor knife style then look no further than the Bark River Fieldsman.

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