Bark River Gameskeeper 4V

The Bark River Gameskeeper 4V took BRKT's flagship model and improved it to the absolute head of the class in performance by implementing Crucible's CPM 4V super steel. This carbon steel has more toughness than A2 and crushes A2 and 3V in abrasion resistance for unparalleled edge retention. If you want a knife that holds its edge for a LONG time then look no further. 

The Gameskeeper 4 is a perfectly sized knife for dressing and breaking down game ranging from whitetail deer to moose. But this Bark River is more than a hunting knife. If you need an all around field blade this baby will perform exceedingly well. Even though this knife is not stainless the very fine grain structure of this highly refined steel will result in a very stain resistant blade when compared to other carbon steels. 

The Bark River Gameskeeper 4V measures 9.375" overall with a 4.5" blade (.217 thick) at 58-59 Rockwell and includes a heavy duty pouch style belt carry sheath. Proudly made in Escanaba, Michigan, USA!

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