Bark River Gunny Elmax

The Bark River Elmax Gunny is BRKT's inaugural model with Uddeholm Steel's highly-touted ELMAX super stainless steel. This steel has rocked in the folder market and is sure to be a must have if you're looking for a fixed blade knife that holds an edge amazingly well yet balances out toughness and ability to re-sharpen. Some folder enthusiasts feel it is the best steel on the market when weighing all three of these factors. 

A lot of comparisons have been made to and will be made with Crucible Steel's S35VN steel. How do they compare on carbon content and Chromium? Elmax has an amazing 1.7% carbon (S35VN 1.4%) along with 18% chromium (S35VN 14%) for excellent corrosion resistance. As a third generation powder steel Elmax has an extremely uniform, fine-grain structure resulting in a very uniform composition. The result: excellent edge retention with no trace of brittleness. 

DLT Trading is the lead distributor of the Bark River Gunny Elmax and we will have a selection and stock that is second to none. Measures 8.4" overall with a blade that is 3.775" (.156" thick) at 60-60RC hardness. Weighs 5.625 ounces and includes a leather sheath. Choose from standard, rampless and hunter (rampless, slight drop point) versions of this Elmax steel knife.


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