Bark River Gunny Hunter S35VN

The Bark River Gunny Hunter S35VN is the super stainless version of the wildly popular Gunny Hunter.  This knife is the perfect choice for those who need a true stainless steel for great corrosion resistance all while maintaining an incredible edge.  Increased Niobium makes S35VN a vastly different (and improved by a quantum leap over ) it’s predecessor S30V.  For a super tough choice we recommend the 3V version of the Gunny Hunter.  For super edge retention and corrosion resistance you can’t go wrong with the S35VN or Elmax versions of the Gunny Hunter.  Measures 8.4” with a  3.775” drop point blade that has thinner terminal geometry than the standard Gunny for improved slicing and cutting.  A contoured handle with integral self guard provides an incredibly comfortable, sure grip.


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