Bark River Gunny Vortex

The Bark River Gunny Vortex measures 9.25” overall (not including the lanyard extension) with a 4.75” blade made of A2 steel.  Sleek and slicey in design this knife will excel at most cutting chores and with a nice point will do detail work with ease.  Don’t worry though, these knives are built rock solid and the full blade thickness is carried out near the point preventing a fragile tip.  The Gunny Vortex is not a knife to be taken lightly – this chunk of American made greatness is ready to perform - think linebacker with 4.2 second 40 yard speed.


Like all of the Bravo and Gunny models the Gunny Vortex has an ultra comfortable contoured handle for maximum comfort and control in a variety of grips.  Whether you’re heading out hiking in the Appalachians or just sitting around the fire in your backyard there are few better choices for a field knife than the Bark River Gunny Vortex.  Covered by a lifetime warranty, made in the USA.

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