Bark River Highland Special CPM D2

This knife is no longer in production. To see the current Bark River Knives lineup click here.

The Bark River Highland Special CPM D2 is the new super steel version of one of BRKT's keystone models. Don't mistake the steel in this premium hunting knife with the regular D2 (which is a fine steel in and of itself). This is Crucible's super steel created with powdered metal technology resulting in a very fine, uniform grain structure. 

Gone are microchipping issues. But great stain resistance and a toothy cutting nature are here to stay. Early reviews on this knife have been extremely positive from hunters and outdoorsmen alike. The Highland Special CPM D2 is sized in the "sweet spot" of knives large enough to handle tough tasks yet easy to carry and nimble in the hand. 

Built rock solid like every Bark River knife the Highland Special also has sleek, sexy lines making it a classic hunting knife whether your game pursuits take you to the Serengeti Plain or the Great Plains of the US. An American made, full grain leather, belt sheath completes this fine hunting package.

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