Bark River Little Creek

The Bark River Little Creek is a superb EDC knife built to fit in BRKT's professional series of knives. Whether you choose to carry the Little Creek in a pocket sheath, on your belt or piggybacked on a larger knife, you will wonder how you got by without it! Makes an excellent companion knife for larger knives such as the Fox River, Aurora, etc. 

Small enough to carry anywhere, at anytime, the Bark River Little Creek has been on of BRKT's all time best sellers and for good reason: a knife or any other tool will only help you if you actually have it with you when the need arises. Yes, larger knives make faster work of tasks but oftentimes they are burdensome to carry. Not so with the Little Creek. 

The LC is proudly made in Escanaba, Michigan and includes a leather carry sheath. Measures 5.5" overall with a 2.65" blade (2.3" cutting edge) made of .125" thick A2 tool steel at 60-61rc hardness.

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