Bark River Mini Bushcrafter 3V

The Bark River Mini Bushcrafter is the lightest in the Bushcraft series of knives from BRKT.  This knife is so lightweight that if you’re not careful it will float right out of your hand (Ok that’s an exaggeration but it is really lightweight and super easy to carry!)  Being a rock solid built fixed blade of razor sharp convex goodness from Bark River you know this knife will do the work of a larger knife with ease and grace.  This little guy packs a punch!  With a weight under 2 ounces this knife is as easy to carry as a lot of folders.  For the ultimate in versatility buy one of DLT’s proprietary kydex sheaths which allows for super comfortable neck carry or when you add a Mini-Tek-loc you can attach it to your belt or any Molle modular attachment.   With both sheaths you have an extremely versatile, handy knife.   Whether you carry the Bark River Mini Bushcrafter by itself or piggybacked with a larger knife you will find this knife an excellent choice for daily tasks as well as field chores such as dressing game.  The thin, razor sharp convex edge cuts like a laser on this knife and has adequate lateral stability due to CPM 3V’s incredible lateral strength.  Measures 6” overall with a 2.75” blade (.085” thick) and a weight of 1.65 ounces.   Includes an ambidextrous leather sheath. (Kydex sheath optional).


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