Bark River Parang

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The Bark River Parang is steeped in history with a rich past from the Malay Archipelago that includes Indonesia, Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. This part of Southeast Asia has extremely thick, dense vegetation that includes numerous woody plants and trees as well. As such, a chopping tool/knife that breezes through such flora is a must. People in this part of the world depend on their Parang so they know a thing or two about the right design and feel for a chopper. 

Measuring 17.5" overall with a 12" blade that is .217 thick, the Bark River Parang packs a serious punch. Weighing in at 28 ounces the knife has a weight forward design allowing for easy snap cuts through most vegetation. A large ample belly means draw cuts are a breeze as well. Need to clear a camp or clear debris around your home - then this may just be the perfect tool for the job. In our internal review of a Prototype at DLT Trading we found the Parang to cut through heavy thick vegetation and woody shrubbery and small trees as easily as anything we've ever field tested. Includes a leather carry sheath - completely made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.


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