The Bark River PSK Elmax is an extremely useful compact knife that begs to be carried.  Measuring 5.25” overall with a 2.25” blade made of ultra premium Elmax super stainless steel (.085” thick) the PSK will cut like a laser.  The thinner stock Elmax has greatly improved cutting performance over past versions and takes and maintains a wicked edge.  Have we mentioned how much we love Elmax on this knife?  It is the perfect steel for this blade.  The PSK Elmax reviews are in and this knife is fantastic for EDC, a survival kit or neck carry. 


Bohler-Uddeholm Elmax is a very highly refined, super clean powder metallurgy stainless steel with incredible edge retention and good toughness all while maintaining very good corrosion resistance.  If you haven’t tried it you should.  It is that good.  The PSK has always been a popular knife and now that it comes in a thinner version super steel it should prove to be wildly popular.


The PSK ships with a leather sheath that is small and compact making it fit nicely in a survival kit or to slip in your pocket.  It does lack a belt loop and for that reason we recommend adding our custom kydex sheath for this knife.  It allows for neck carry or with the simple addition of a Tek-Lok, you can attach to your belt or your pack or duty vest.  The kydex opens up a number of carry options and creates an extremely versatile package.


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Bark River PSK Elmax

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