Bark River STK-1 Sport Throwing Knife

The Bark River STK-1 Sport Throwing Knife was designed by Mike Stewart to be perfectly balanced with a  weight forward design that will fast become your favorite throwing knife.  These knives are as easy to throw and stick in a target as any thrower on the planet.  Designed with a 1 ounce of weight per one inch of length design, the STK was designed with science and art at the same time.  These knives can be thrown by the blade (be careful, they are sharp) or handle and in no time you will be sticking them with ease.  Intentionally designed soft (Rockwell C hardness of 48-50) these blades will handle your throwing with durability and toughness.  High carbon 1095 with a lower Rockwell rating can be thought of more as a tempered spring than a knife.  Whether you throw competitively or just for fun with family and friends, the Special Throwing Knife will become one of your most used Bark River Knives.


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