Bark River STS-4

The Bark River STS-4 is the all-around best sized version of BRKT's venerable tactical/field use line. As part of the STS line the 4 has tactical style and looks but is sized right and built tough as an anvil. This blade makes an excellent field / work / camping / utility knife. 

Need to baton some kindling? No problem. Need to cut tent stakes or even field dress big game? No problem. Want an extremely tough knife built for those who want only the toughest, roughest, most rugged, best-built knife on the planet? Then get the STS-4! Built with an ample handle to reduce hand fatigue and increase control over the blade, this BRKT knife is also built with a blade thick enough to pry open a manhole cover. 

Upgrades from previous models include a handle which is 1/2" longer and more comfortable than the STS-3 as well as recessed handle screws and a deluxe leather carry sheath instead of the previous kydex version. You owe it to yourself to try out the STS-4 and see how Bark River masterfully blends tactical with practical in this amazing knife. Proudly made in the USA.


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