Bark River Super Chef Knife CPM 20CV

The Bark River Super Chef Knife in Crucible's CPM 20CV has edge retention that simply must be seen to be believed. We have personally done prototype reviews on this model and we are blown away. What is really impressive is that it took an edge much easier than expected with proactive stropping. 

Measuring 15.875 overall with a 10.5" blade the Super Chef knife is large enough for large kitchen cutting tasks and fits a variety of hand sizes (even those with large hands) extremely well. With a blade thickness of only .085" and CPM 20CV which takes a wicked edge, this knife will slice and dice with accuracy and speed. Very similar to M390, 20CV is a stainless steel which utilizes Crucible's powder metallurgical technology to produce an extremely uniform, pure steel with a very fine grain structure and the ability to harden to 61-62 Rockwell. What does this mean for you? It means edge holding that is incredibly along with good lateral strength and reasonable sharpenability - quite possibly the perfect mix in a kitchen knife. Includes a kydex slip for storage.

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