Bark River Tracker knives were last made in 2014 and took less than 11 hours to fully sell out.  DLT Trading has secured a limited number of Bark River Trakkers from the 2015 production and they are sure to sell lightning fast.  A little larger than the 2014 version, this Tracker packs even more punch and is even more useful in the field.  From chopping kindling to batoning (this version does not have a sawback which hinders batoning) to scraping to skinning and cutting this tried and true design can do just about anything.  As close to a Dave Beck custom as you will find from a production company at a fraction of the price and without a two year wait, the Bark River version is destined to be a hot seller once again.


Surprisingly nimble in the hand with its double position handle shape that allows for gripping to the rear for chopping or choking up for detailed work and slicing, Bark River Tracker knives can handle just about any camp/field chore you throw at it.  Geared for action and a life outdoors, this Bark River Trakker do-it-all knife will certainly earn a place in your pack.


Bark River Trakker / Tracker

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